Apprentice Doctor USA In-Person Simulation Training Workshops 2024

The Apprentice Doctor® Intensive Medical & Surgical Skills Workshops 2024 – USA

Physical/in-person medical and surgical skills mentorship simulation events/programs.

If you want to become a great medical professional – do not miss this for anything!

Testimonial (parents):

“Dear Dr. Anton and Team,

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity presented in December for our daughter to attend the Apprentice Doctor medical program. We were slightly nervous knowing she is one of the youngest attendees at the onset, but the professional way the course was presented and the assistance offered by the facilitators was world-class.

We have never seen our daughter so excited & committed. She has not since the program completion stopped doing research on anything to do with the medical profession. Thank you for igniting this passion in her even more. PS: I can safely say that everyone in our family is in good health, as she has numerous times taken our blood pressure etc. as she wanted to practice what she was taught on everyone in the family. We drew the line at putting in stitches, though. 

Forever grateful for the opportunity.” – Johnston family

“When your heart bursts in your chest with pride and excitement, it really is hard to find words to thank you!! This experience did not only confirm that Janine wants to pursue a career in medicine, but it is also now carved in stone!!

This SUPER program offered her knowledge, skills, and insights to her future, but it also developed a part of her which is priceless for any parent. Seeing the massive change in her after the weekend was just phenomenal!  For her, the realization of the capabilities and the passion she has was surely one of the highlights.

Thank you, to each person, who made this weekend a weekend Janine will never forget.  For teaching her and for allowing her to learn and discover who she is and will be as a doctor someday. We are forever grateful to you and we will recommend the Apprentice Doctor Programs to each person crossing our roads, who has an interest in medicine.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Jayla and Andrew”

Type of Program: Choose from several day-student events/programs

Program Classification: Accredited Medical and Surgical Skills Program

Dates: Dates available during Spring or Summer Breaks – specific dates during Summer break to be finalized by April 2024

Locations: Several events at the following areas:

  • Baltimore MD (Sleep-over program – Johns Hopkins University)
  • Dallas/Plano TX (Day-program)
  • Ocala FL (Day-program)
  • Other

Booking status:  CLOSED – Registrations closed for all 2024 programs. 2025 programs to be announced soon!

Eligibility: Aspiring Medical Professionals – Grades 10 – 12, and Premed years 1-4 students

Program fee:  Generally $1750-$2200 (some variation possible – Early Bird discounts available)

The Apprentice Academy, in association with the Apprentice Doctor®, Presents the ultimate accredited medical and surgical skills programs. Do not miss this for anything!

Attendees of previous programs having a great time!

We can accommodate a maximum of 60 students to ensure maximizing mentoring while gaining medical and surgical skills in a collaborative learning program.

Duration: Five to six incredible days of ‘Medical Immersion,’ Daily classes run from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm – at several venues – from June to August 2024.Available spots always fill up fast! So book your place early for this life-changing, week-long medical immersion experience. Ideal for all students interested in (or considering) a career in medicine. Jump-start your medical career and build your resume at the same time. Attending this camp is an excellent opportunity for all. If you are serious about following a career in medicine, then you cannot miss this for anything!

Registering is Quick and Easy…

(Closed for 2024 programs)

Hands-on medical and surgical skills practical workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Hands Hygiene in a Clinical Setting
  • Workshop 2: How to Scrub for Surgery
  • Workshop 3: How to Draw Blood and set up an IV Line
  • Workshop 4: Heart Sounds, Oximetry, and Heart Rate
  • Workshop 5: Suturing Workshop How to Tie Surgical Knots and Suture Wounds
  • Workshop 6: Reduction and Fixation of a Fractured Bone
  • Workshop 7: Stop the Bleed and Simulate a Disaster Zone
  • Workshop 8: Basic Life Support, etc.

To all Prospective Medical Professionals: Come and enjoy a week dedicated to your future career in medicine – learning and doing a large variety of medical things using the accredited and acclaimed Apprentice Doctor Course material. In association with several like-minded medical professionals and organizations. It is lots of fun, many medical and surgical simulation workshops. Medical professionals will assist in the various workshops and mentor you.

Getting into Medical school is highly competitive!

“The days of getting into medical school with only top grades to offer are forever gone – students need to load their resume with a lot more – they must convince the selection committee that they are earnest about becoming a doctor by adding the extras that will distinguish them from the average applicant.” Prof. Andrew Mason – Selection committee of several Med Schools (over the years)

Ten reasons why you should attend one of these Medical/Surgical Programs:

  1. Enjoy a week of medical immersion.
  2. Gain numerous clinical (medical and surgical) skills.
  3. Learn “how to suture wounds,” the same training that numerous medical students get.
  4. Interact with several medical professionals.
  5. Add an accredited Apprentice Doctor® Certificate to your resume.
  6. Meet like-minded students and exchange ideas and information.
  7. You learn how to scrub up for surgery – making a visit to the O.R. a more meaningful experience.
  8. Get emergency medicine training – know what to do in a medical emergency.
  9. Impress any pre-medical/nursing/PA program/medical school selection committee.
  10. Get the opportunity to start an Apprentice Doctor® Chapter or Club at your school.

Example of a typical five-day program below:

100% of attendees at The Apprentice Doctor® 2010 and 2011, all years up to the 2022 program, said they would recommend the camp to their friends!



I would recommend this camp to anyone interested in the medical field.” Frankie


Dr. Anton really knew his stuff and was a great teacher. The hands-on activities and field trips were all fun.” Albert


Get the feeling of real med school.” Byron


I would recommend this camp to anyone interested in pursuing a career in any medical field.” Jon


This camp is a great way to gain information in a short period. Great activities, and the doctors are excellent!” Pat


Just yesterday, I competed in Florida Region 1 HOSA. I competed in medical terminology and won 1st place. The information I learned from your camp has helped me with my competition, so I want to thank you for that! Summer


Dr. Anton was an exceptionally superb teacher. I enjoyed his vast knowledge and all the information I learned during camp.” Austin


The camp was very interesting. I learned about many new tools and techniques used in medicine and a lot of new vocabulary for parts of the body.” Amy


Regardless of current knowledge, if you are interested in the medical field, you will enjoy this interactive process at the apprentice doctor camp.” Michelle


The Apprentice Doctor® program was a fun experience that allowed me to learn more about the medical field.” Herman

Other International Apprentice Doctor® or associated programs:

Meet your Apprentice Doctors Academy 2024 Program Team:


Dr. Anton Scheepers

Your international program host

Experienced O&MF Surgeon

Director of the Apprentice Doctor Academy – Buffalo, NY, USA


Prof. Chishimba Nathan Mowa BVM, MVM, PhD

Director, Kettering College Pre-Health Summer Program

ASU, Boone, NC, USA


Dr. Dexter Frederick MD

Pediatrics and Intern. Med. Board Certified Academic advisor; Director of the BEST Academy

Tampa, FL, USA


Mrs. Donna Burton


ProVitals-Healthcare Education

Atlanta, GA, USA

More to be announced!

The quality of the workshop, the resources you provide, and the passion you bring to the activity have all resulted in an exceptionally high level of positive feedback from the schools that have participated in the workshop. David Kramer, Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Science Center, Newtown, SA

During the program, you will:

  • Learn how to perform 20 of the most common healthcare skills doctors use daily via multiple practical workshops.
  • Take part in a bodily sounds workshop – including understanding the difference between normal heart sounds and heart murmurs.
  • Learn how to care for wounds and how to suture wounds like a surgeon.
  • Learn the basic principles of pulse oximetry. An accurate medical Finger Pulse Oximeter is included.
  • Learn the basic principles of ECG.
  • Take part in an emergency medicine practical session.
  • Be in a “Scrubs Workshop,” where you will learn the basic principles of sterility, asepsis, and scrubbing, and where you will ‘glove and gown’ like a real surgeon!
  • Real patient case studies with in-depth discussions.
  • Complete one session on the strategic planning of your life with “Jump-start Your Life.” Receive essential information that is invaluable to succeed in such a demanding career!
  • Jump-start your career with The Apprentice Doctor® Medical Course – one of the best tools available to launch a career as a medical professional!
  • Learn why medical students can retain such an enormous amount of information with apparent ease.
  • Connect and make friends for life with other young people from across the world who are also pursuing a career in medicine.
  • Increase your chances of being successfully accepted in a premedical course and later in medical school.
  • Get information and guidance on a variety of medical/healthcare careers.
  • Make perfectly sure that a career in medicine/healthcare is meant for you.

At the end, you will receive The Apprentice Doctor® Certificate.

Add this credential to your resume and include it with your application to any university/medical school! This course is highly recommended for students and scholars interested in a career as a medical doctor or a medical specialist, such as a surgeon or dentist, aspiring professional nurses, EMTs/paramedics, physiotherapists, etc.

Register early to avoid disappointment!


2024 – Dates

Comments/In association with:

Baltimore MDSession 1: June 19 – 28 (Apprentice: June 20 – 25)

Session 2: July 2 – 11 (Apprentice: July 3 – 7)

Session 3: July 16 – 25 (Apprentice: July 17 – 21)

Part of the Envision NYLF Advanced Medicine Program

On the Johns Hopkins University Campus

Enroll here to this flagship program!

Dallas/Plano TXSession 1: June 25 – 28

Session 2: July 15 – 19

In association with Noorishment

Enroll here